Terms of Service

The agreement between you, the Client, and EuroLogistics LTD is signed when you join the Client’s Program. The Agreement sets out the terms and conditions under which the Client, and EuroLogistics LTD will cooperate.

I. Comments

Program: The EuroLogistics LTD Client’s Program, is a moden on-line platform.
Terms and Conditions: These terms.
Initiator: EuroLogistics LTD.
Client: A person or company participating in the Client’s Program.
Application Form: a form that allows individuals and companies to join the Program.
Management Panel: the part of the service you gain individual access when you register successfully for the EuroLogistics LTD Program. The Client's Management Panel contains information on statistics and sales results.
Products: products offered byEuroLogistics LTD.

II. Participation in the EuroLogistics LTD Program

To join the EuroLogistics LTD Client’s Program, the registration form must be filled out and the Terms and Conditions accepted.

You are allowed to become the Client of EuroLogistics LTD if you are:

1. An individual
2. A legal entity

When filling out the application form, the Client is requested to provide the Client's first name, last name, contact details, including e-mail address, as well as to select a user name and password.

By accepting the Terms and Conditions, you acknowledge that you understand and agree with the terms of cooperation.

Participation in the Client’s Program is free and completely voluntary. It depends on whether the Client gives accurate information while filling out the application form and whether the Client does it right.

III. Rights and Obligations of the Client

Having registered, the Client joining the Client’s Program is obliged to give further information, including payment details, and obey the terms and conditions of cooperation throughout the entire membership period.

The Client joining the Client’s Program agrees that the Initiator processed Client's personal information necessary for being involved in the business activity within the Client’s Program. EuroLogistics LTD Program.

You are not allowed to use the name, logo or brand of EuroLogistics LTD without the Initiator's approval.

The Client is allowed to resign from participating in the Client’s Program at any time by providing the Initiator with a proper statement.

IV. Rights and Obligations of the Initiator

The initiator is obliged to strictly comply with the law while running the Client’s Program, including personal data protection.

The Initiator is responsible for products quality, package quality and delivery time.

The Initiator will make the Client Panel available to each newly-registered Client.

The Initiator provides registered users with technical support as well as assistance in using the EuroLogistics LTD Client’s Program.

The Initiator reserves the right to refuse to acknowledge the Client as a member of the Client’s Program without giving any reason, as well as to remove Client's account in case of violating the Terms and Conditions of Cooperation or any other legal norms.

The Initiator does not bear the responsibility for mistakes or delays, in cases when the Client has failed to provide accurate data.

V. Client's Panel

The Initiator provides each newly-registered Client with a Client Panel, which contains information about:

  • Products
  • Orders
  • Statistics
  • Wallet

VI. Privacy Policy

Product images, descriptions, prices, and all related data provided by EuroLogistics LTD is referred to as "Product content". The product content provided by EuroLogistics LTD should not to be distributed to any third party. The product content provided by EuroLogistics LTD should be used exclusively for Client’s resources. Any distribution of our product content to third party websites will be in violation of our terms and conditions.

VII. Reshipping policy

Damaged or missing items from an order

If an order arrives damaged, customer must provide detailed pictures of their damaged products and a photo of the box it arrived in.

If an order arrives with wrong items or wrong amount, customer must provide detailed pictures of their parcel: shipping label, box and the items in the package.

Lost package

If an order does not arrive 45 days after the dispatch date, please contact our support with your tracking If an order does not arrive 45 days after the dispatch date, please contact our support with your tracking number and they will review./td>

Seized at Customs

If an order does not arrive 45 days after the dispatch date, please contact our support with your tracking number and they will review.

After a thorough review from an administrator, this case will be updated with a reshipping status.

Some countries have a variably higher restrictive customs review process, resulting in less successful delivery rates. Some countries are not eligible reshipment. Please contact our support to clarify your countries reshipment status with Eurologistics.

Some of these countries are (but not limited to): Africa , Australia, Canada, Israel, New Zealand, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South America, South Korea, APO and UAE.

For all mentioned cases, e.g., damaged, lost, seized, etc, all costs associated with these problems are divided evenly between Eurologistics and yourself.

VIII. Final Provisions

These Terms and Conditions confirm that the Client joining the Client’s Program and the Initiator come to an agreement. This replaces all written or oral agreements between the parties. Violation of these Terms and Conditions will result in immediate account suspension.

The initiator reserves the right to block the Affiate's account in case the Client actions inflict harm to the Client’s Program.

Each of the parties wishing to terminate the agreement and thus withdraw from the Client’s Program or remove the Client from the Client’s Program must inform the other party about the fact in written form using e-mail, or/and the Management Panel.

Each of the parties is responsible for their own actions being part of the Client’s Program and the Agreement.

The initiator reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions and also to inform the Client about these changes by posting a new version of the Terms and Conditions on the EuroLogistics LTD Client’s Program site.